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John Ruskiewicz Class of 1972

I am currently a Professor in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Texas at Austin where I began teaching in 1977 in the Department of English, having earned my PhD the same year from The Ohio State University. My major professional accomplishment has been the creation of the Department of Rhetoric and Writing in 1993, now one of the strongest such units in the country. My books include Everything's An Argument and The Presence of Others (both with Andrea Lunsford); Beyond Words (with Christy Friend and Daniel Anderson); and The Scott Foresman Handbook for Writers (with Maxine Hairston and Christy Friend). I'm currently developing a new book for Bedford/St. Martins tentatively titled Smart Writing.

One of my fondest memories of SVC involved a road trip led by George Dixon to the Ann Arbor Film Festival. We watched innovative (often inexplicable) films, learned a little about performance art, and lived a real '60s moment.

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